Tribal driven change through research, law, and policy. 




What We Do

The University of New Mexico Native American Budget and Policy Institute (UNM NABPI/NABPI) is a leading research and policy hub, serving New Mexico’s 23 Pueblos, Nations, and Tribes. The work of UNM NABPI focuses on research, budget, and policy analysis for systemic change anchored in tribally determined priorities and needs. 


Collaboration & Partnership

The Institute works with a wide variety of local, national, and international experts on tribal and indigenous health, sovereignty, justice, education and policy. Experts include community members and advocates along with Native American, First Nations, and international Indigenous scholars from across the globe. UNM NABPI’s research and policy team engage in meaningful research, policy, and partnerships that drive change for rural and urban tribal communities across New Mexico and the nation.   

Technical Assistance

As part of NABPI’s commitment to forging a collaborative pathway to racial equity, the Institute is committed to engaging and supporting tribal leadership, and community advocates, through technical assistance, mentoring, research, and policy support.


UNM NABPI mentors students from a variety of disciplines and educational institutions across the United States and globally. If you are interested or know a student or community member who may be interested in an internship, or working with UNM NABPI, contact us at




The Institute is a project of the University of New Mexico Center for Social Policy, and the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty. It is funded, in part, by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation which has supported the work of the Institute through a grant to the Regents of UNM of $1.5 million for a period of five years. The Institute is an outgrowth of the work and ideas of the Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian SchoolGabriel R. Sanchez, Ph.D., UNM Center for Social Policy, Executive Director, serves as the Principal Investigator of the grant.