Research and Publications

As a part of the UNM NABPI's overall mission to empower Native Americans and their communities to create systematic change, research, research support, and budget/policy analysis are some our primary activities. Below is a list of the most current and up-to-date research and publications by UNM NABPI and our partners:

New Research

Graphic with warning and nuclear icons highlighting the health impacts of uranium mining

The Health Impacts of Uranium Mining in Native American Communities: Policy Brief (February 2024)This policy brief examines the impact of uranium mining on Native American communities and the resulting hazards uranium mining has posed to not only the physical health but to the mental, spiritual and even economic wellbeing of these communities. The brief also offers policy recommendations to help address the ongoing intergenerational health impacts related to uranium mining, as well as to prevent future environmental health disasters. Click the title to read more. 

The Impact of Hardrock Mining on Native American Communities - Infographic (UPDATED - February 2024)
In conjunction with the release of the health impacts of uranium mining policy brief, the "Impact of Hardrock Mining on Native American Communities" infographic has also been updated for re-release.


Digital Divide

The Digital Divide: The Impact on Native American Women & Girls - Infographic (Summer 2023)

Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls (MMIWG)


Elections & Public Policy

Early Childhood Education and Care Research

Clean Energy