Tribal Remedy Framework

The Tribal Remedy Framework (TRF) is a comprehensive plan for meeting the educational needs of Native students and their tribal communities. It was created collectively by tribal community members and Indigenous education experts, following a series of tribal Community Education Institutes and Pueblo Convocations. The Tribal Remedy Framework has been endorsed by the leadership of New Mexico’s 23 Nations, Tribes and Pueblos.

The TRF responds to the landmark 2018 Yazzie/Martinez v. State of New Mexico court ruling (visit our Research Page for additional information), which ordered the state to transform the public education system to ensure that “at-risk” students, including Native Americans, receive an equitable and culturally relevant education.

Tribal leadership has called on the State of New Mexico to implement the TRF and thereby move toward compliance with the Yazzie/Martinez court order and the New Mexico Indian Education Act of 2003.

Tribal Education Alliance - Initiatives & Information:

The Tribal Education Alliance (TEA) is a coalition of tribal education leaders, experts, and advocates that supports tribal leadership in advancing the Tribal Remedy Framework. 



Tribal Remedy Framework Report:

report coverPathways to Education Sovereignty Report:
This report presents Indigenous solutions to New Mexico’s education crisis and makes the case for a dramatic change in course to close the equity gap faced by Native children. 

Download the report summary or the full-length report: 
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TEA also produces reports of tribal education convenings:

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